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Xa Na lives in the world of Shiatsu since 2000.

Since then her path to holistic and sensory growth continues on multiple levels as experimenter, not only in the massage and physical stimulation but also on spiritual levels, changes and personal evolution.
She often mixing the Aikido teachings and her experiences of contamination between body, mind and spirit.

Her next goal is to reach a fusion and interaction between Bodywork and BDSM.





XaNa WS 1200

We all felt under pressure at least once in life.

What makes the difference in the quality of our reaction? Adaptability, remaining fluids and respond to the stimulus in a constructive way. When this fails we close ourself, we become stiff and our answer to the stimulus creates discomfort and bad feelings.

In fact the pressure is one of the first input that we recive, already during gestation, the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid that makes a constant pressure for all nine months, and without it there would be no possibility of development.

Even during childbirth the bones of the mother's pelvis makes a strong pressure on the fetus that will be critical to its subsequent growth. In effect we are born already "under pressure."

Generally, during the course of our lives it happens not so frequently to relive that feeling, so fulfilling and liberating, thus able to free ourselves from stress and let us breathe again, to expand.

Contrary instead we accumulate tension and stiffness from which it is difficult to escape, that bring us to close and isolate from the rest.

Are we still able to open ourselves to the flow of vital energy? Are we still able to return to expand ourself and breathe "under pressure"?

During the course of the workshop we will explore these possibilities through some Shiatsu techniques that will help us to discover the potential of some simple but effective techniques from this Japanese technique..


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