jus_tus - Charmed by sexuality, specifically about its expression through arts, he comes close to BDSM during some Schwelle7 workshops, and he keeps attending tantra schools, dance, shamaniso, BDSM and everything could be related to the body expression.

He's interested in a conscious use of body and he's sure that the knowledge and experimentation in this field is the the happiness foundation: living those sensations in first person is strongly important.

He's passionate about music, theatre, dance, cinema, comics and erotism, and he's been always busy planning and organizing events during the last 25 years, practicing a research and experimenting.





In this workshop Pleasure, Pain, Sensuality and Sexuality combine to become an unique experience.

Pleasure and Pain are often in opposition: but in our PICNIC we will explore where the perceptions mixed and it’s not possible to feel the border between the two.

PICNIC4ONE is played in groups of 4 people, and it’s an invitation to explore intense sensations, welcome the other and the unpredictable, choosing consciously to stay open, vulnerable, free of prejudices and preconceptions.

To live extreme experience, of Pain and Pleasure can bring a bigger awareness of our body and also reveal unexpected moment of ecstasy.

With the support of the music, this PICNIC will become, for the One who is playing the role of the food, a real trip into his inner body’s sensation, where the mind leave the space to the manifestation of hidden emotions.

Clear roles will be set before the game in order to guarantee a safe space, where the boundaries of each individual will be respected.

You are free to bring any object to realise your pefect idea of PICNIC and any tools that your fantasy might suggest you… but it’s not an obligation.




Foto: ignota