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Melania Mieli is the pseudonym of an Italian writer, born on 1983. On December 2015 she debut in literature with the erotic novel “il tredicesimo periodo“ edit by Lettere Animate.

From 2015 to 2016 she has told the stories of the employees from the Firm, in a blog: from this experience is born “Piano dei Conti“ her second novel, that will come out on 2017 by Milena Edition.

She is a frequent visitor of Rome Xplore.

From November 2016 she takes part to the feminist movement “Non una di meno“.



Two theoretical-practical interventions by Melania Mieli, mediated by Nehra Stella

NOURISHING RAPE CULTURE (Participatory Lecture)

Recurring or not, the fantasy of rape belongs to our imagination.

Is it an atavistic desire?

Or is it rather a superstructure constantly nourished by our culture, which is based on abuse and violence, and where rape is an integral part or even worse: one of the key instruments for the affirmation of its supremacy? What can be said about the men who are actually in positions of power: Trump, Berlusconi, Putin, Strauss-Kahn? What about the hideous trend in contemporary wars, where rape and abuse of women and children are widespread? And what about the "standards of behavior" provided by the entertainment, fashion and advertising industry that seem to be based on similar values?

If we want to reject this culture and fight it, we cannot ignore that its values act on our deepest desires and forge our most unacknowledged sexual fantasies.

This year Nehra Stella invites the writer Melania Mieli to Xplore Rome, to investigate and reflect on the roots of our most contradictory erotic fantasies especially those steeped in patriarchal values.

Between theory and intervention workshops, Melania will guide us in a safe and welcoming space where we’ll learn about the most exciting aspects of rape and where we can test our limits, using negotiated practices of consensus violation.

We are deeply convinced that playing and experimenting with these erotic fantasies is a way to regain possession of our bodies and desires: to build a world in which the value of consent and respect for others' becomes a norm and where playing with rape is a sexual game amongst others, to explore limits and pleasure between consenting adults.




If we really want to define feminist*, we can’t ignore the differences.

Intersectional feminism starts right from the assumption that the world goes beyond the binary composition: not only men and women exist, but many different types of men and many different types of woman, all unique.

Women and men, Cis or Queer, Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Intersex, Slave and / or Master.

In this workshop we explore those and other differences trying to highlight the richness of different cultures and imagining together, interactively, the sexual revolution.


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