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Matteo is a facilitator of Tao Tantric Arts, a fusion of Ancient Tao Sexual Arts and Tantra based on the work of master Mantak Chia.
His journey began in 1997 with Kundalini Yoga in which he is now a certified Teacher (3HO) followed by multiple explorations into energy practices (Agama, Anusara, Qi Gong..) Matteo was trained by author David Cates to facilitate Belly to Belly Tantric meditation in Bali in 2015. He is a EFT and NLP master practitioner.





An oxytocin-fueled embodied connection with ourselves and others.


You are invited to slow way down, to drop your attention within.
Make contact with the ground of being.
From this well, and these roots, we meet ourselves anew.
From here we find each other.



Matteo-WSThrough relaxed breathing, sounding, eye contact, and touch, we let the animal body know that it is not only safe here, but it is welcome, celebrated and honored.

We let the heart know that it is safe to love here, safe to sense and feel, safe to expand and contract, safe to have and trust its own intelligence.

Together, we gently welcome the shadow. No need to put on a spiritual face. No need to be anything other than what you already are. Nothing to fix, nothing to heal, simply a series of opportunities to be intimate with the ever-changing present moment.

The primary practice is done in pairs, laying down side by side, breathing with the body in a curious, compassionate inquiry of all that arises in real time within each person and between each pair.

While we intend for the practices to be profoundly intimate, they are done with clothing on and are not explicitly sexual.

Generally, we each get the opportunity to partner with 2-3 different people over the course of the afternoon. Partnering can happen in any combination of gender and orientation. .






An introduction to the tantric phenomena known as “full body orgasm”


What the energy orgasm looks like?
What is The Difference between Tension Orgasm and Energy Orgasm?


In this workshop we will (e)xplore:

1. How to consciously awaken sexual energy
2. How to skilfully circulate sexual energy in the body.
3. And demonstrate and practice techniques to open up to full body energetic orgasm.


Tantra has been around for thousands of years and teaches people how to connect with the universe and with their bodies on a cosmic level.
Unlike traditional sex, where the end goal is an orgasm in the genitals, tantra is about rediscovering yours and your partner’s bodies and learning how to move your sexual energy away from your genitals, up through your body and to your head.
When this sexual energy reaches your head, your body begins vibrating at a cosmic level and this can lead to a full body orgasm. Something which can be experienced by both men and women, both solo or in couple.
This is what we call bull body orgasm!!

To Access Full Body Orgasm much practice could be needed. In this workshop we are only giving an overview and offering a few tools to start the process.



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