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Slavina - Precarious Porn Activist - she is a multimedia artist and she defines Porn Activism as her field of research and creation.

She grew up as video maker with the DIY and the media activism of Candida, eletrodomestic TV.
In 2005 she moved to Spain and discovered the scene of Postpornography. Since then, her productions developed focussing on the politics of the body and on the representation of sexuality.

Looking for an impossible balance between art and activism, she pretends to valorize the political potential of transformation and condivision of intimacy in her projects (videos, performances and workshops).

Thanks to her work of networking and translation, she facilitated the distribuition of some of the most interesting artists and works of contemporary hispanic feminism.

In 2012 she published a book of tales in Italy that was the first divulgation of the concept of sexual dissidence. ( “Erotic tales for girls alone or in bad company“ edit Perrone)
She is part of the female moviemaker collective The Girl of Porn, and of the academic and performative transnational project Zarra Bonheur, a group of therapeutic psychoerotic feminist experimentation.




SEE ME - FEEL ME - TELL ME - The Policy of Care

Slavina-WS Is it possible to transform a predatory instinct, as it is define by our culture, in a tool for communication?

In this workshop, we will explore our bodies and the way we perceive them, and we will create a safe space to facilitate different kinds of exchanges: participants will be facing the dynamics of attraction and repulsion, and then work on their self confidence, while feeding their erotic self and meeting the others.

The challenge of the workshop is to learn together how to convert the sexual impulse in a push for a generous, pervasive and nourishing mood.

We will use some contra-sexual practices (unusual contact dynamics of free exchange of pleasure) and some games related to verbal expression.

We will explore the possibility to integrate the erotic energy in our daily life, working on empathy, experimenting the limits of consent and revealing the different feelings that characterizes our bodies (and the words we use to define them) for women, men and all the others.





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