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Maranta Rubiera:  Breathing yoga teacher and award winning erotic writer.

As a certified yoga teacher she has focused in Pranayam (breathing yoga) techniques, applying them in specialized lessons for all fields, from acting to public speaking and health treatments. Being also a shibari model, she has been able to adapt several pranayam exercises to the kinky experience, an unusual but surprisingly logical match between antique wisdom and contemporary sex. Maranta shares that knowledge during workshops she offers to the BDSM community as she travels the world. She tends to the vanilla community as well, giving “sensual breathing” workshops to fire them up a bit.

Maranta is also an erotic writer, her first novel in Spanish “Hembra” (“Female”) about travel+sex was awarded with the xPlora prize in 2016. The second novel is on the making, ropes and BDSM are included.





Our bodies as unique/fluid geographies to explore and discover, with erogenous sensations as the objective, or better yet: as hidden treasures to enjoy. The experience is based on a larger scale project of sensual self-exploration that started with so-called “dysfunctional” (and very sexy) people and has now expanded to so-called “normal” bodies. We are remembering that sensuality resides on each singular body and that these sensory bodies cannot be classified in groups by shape, gender, abilities, genitals or number of functional limbs. Under this view, we trash the anatomical perception of our flesh and recognize that each person represents her own fleeting, irreplaceable sensuality, and has the responsibility to know it, nourish it, live it and love it. At the end of this workshop each participant will have produced an erogenous map of his body to take home, pin it to the fridge and keep on correcting it and modifying it as the body evolves and changes through life, because it will.

Bring your cell phone.

Languages: English, Italian







The luscious park of the festival venue will be the perfect setting to get primal and bite. We will explore the emotional and practical dimensions of leaving marks on other people through biting. How to do it safely, how to make it more powerful, how to play with domination/submission or sensuality and joyfulness. Participants are requested to wash their mouth/teeth thoroughly before the workshop.

There will be two different opportunities to bite and leave marks:

- The early workshop of the festival is for participants that want to go back to work on Monday with a pretty clear skin.

- The last day of the festival: for people who want to keep a longer lasting memento of the experiences at the festival, and who enjoy the envious stares of colleagues at work.

*Bite me.

Languages: English, Italian


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