Gorgone - After many years of exploration and experimentation with the technics and emotions of traditional Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari/Kinbaku), my interest and practice evolved and led me onto a more contemporary and experimental approach of Shibari. The projects presented here were born from the desire to break free from the sexual and S&M connotation that it carries.

My mission today is to convey the unique experience and aesthetic of the body in ropes to a broader and more mainstream audience.

I discovered Ropes almost by accident, during a photo shooting in 2011.
Immediately seduced, I dived into the underground world of traditional Japanese rope bondage (Shibari/Kinbaku).

In 2016, I started the Study on Falling - an aesthetical and philosophical research and work-in-progress, inspired by the work of Bobbi Jene Smith 'A Study on Effort'

The live piece inspired the talented singer Asaf Avidan for the tittle of his new single and album. I was honored to present the live performance 'Study on Falling’ as his opening act on the prestigious stage of the Opera Garnier in Paris.

In 2017 I produced and launched the Online Tutorial Platform Shibari Study.

I have been touring internationally since 2013 as a freelance performer and educator.

So far I have been teaching and/or performing as a model and/or a rigger in Europe, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Israel (Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Lausanne, Prague, Bucarest, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Utrecht, San Francisco, New-York, Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Orlando, Bellingham, Charlottesville, Memphis, Philadelphia, New-Orleans, Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, Tel Aviv, Wellington, Tokyo and Osaka)




This workshop is an introduction to Gorgone’s method and approach to Shibari.
The class will focus on observing and deconstructing basics rope and body mechanics.
The goal is to bring more awareness to the movement of intention we bring into our ties, to develop autonomy, mobility and solid partnership.




Photo: © unknown