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Dandan is born and lives in Rome. Since he was a child he has been attracted by manual skills creating and building objects of art and design. This is why he continues to perfect himself by studying sculpture to the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After years of research and work with different materials (marble, plaster, iron) he experiments the relationship between clay, primordial matter that has always accompanied man since the dawn of civilization, and the human body, putting them in relation to each other and using the concepts of body-art.

YoYo is a marine biologist, mother and experimenter. She studied dance, yoga, meditation and educational dance for children. Now, among others things, teaches movement to children up to 6 years old. She is a passionated researcher on body, human psychology and trauma overcoming through art and movement. In the last years, she met Xplore and starts to discover the evolutive power of BDSM practices and sex-positive attitude.






Clay is a limestone, floury and malleable used since ancient times as a plastic, nutritive and healing material. It is the mother paste that goes through the four basic elements of nature: water, which gives it life and mould-ability, earth, which gives it strength and consistency, air, which dries it and makes it breathe, and fire, which stops it in space and time.

Working alone and in group solid and liquid clay, we will try to create shapes, to mould it.

Strength, tension, resistance, weight influence the dynamics of our relationship with clay and the contact with the substance is a mirror of the contact with us and with the others.

Resistance play with different frictions stimulate new equilibriums and unexpected dynamics.

Playing experimenter and material can unify and exchange with a dance of resistance, sensuality and struggle.

The artist integrates itself in the work, he/she creates and its created.



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