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Caprice is a person always on the move, a researcher and traveler in terms of movement and is able to look deep into the souls of human beings.
This curiosity brought her in contact with Felix Ruckert and his work more than ten years ago.
She believes that a life filled with deep and open sexuality opens the gates to our deepest, darkest AND lightest parts of our souls and brings out freedom and love that you can share.
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Christian created the International Institute “Neo Tantra” in 2013 after spending over 20 years in personal development groups, management and coaching. Professionally he played successively in the music industry and architecture, before developing his passion for psychology and the various aspects of sexuality.
For several years he has traveled all over the world to meet and receive teachings from Professor and Tantra Masters, such as Margot Anand, Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer and Andro.
Christian is a certified Sexological Bodyworker and a Sacred Intimate, also certified Tantra masseur and teacher from the Diamond Lotus in Berlin.
On the side of Creative Sexuality, it is close to the work of Felix Ruckert, creator of schwelle7 in Berlin, to explore ways of ecstatic states between pleasure and pain.
Status: French, partnered, 2 children, pan-sexual.





The Sensual Art of Suffocation

Playing with breath in your sexuality involves a deep trust between receiver and giver , and safety is the most important point.
It is an ultimate trust game.

When you slow down breathing endorphine secretion of the brain gives us a feeling of being high.
When this feeling is combined with any kind of sensual stimulation, the receiver is about entering in an another state of conciousness, a trance state.

In this workshop we will explore our own limits:

- How long are you able to hold our breath, and how can you elongate this holding and stay longer and longer without the need to get a sip of new fresh air.
- How is it with a partner ?
- Could you stay longer ? Even if you are sensually stimulated in the way you asked to be?

We will explore many other ways to get restricted with breathing, slow down our heart rate, and receive sensual touches, and dive into an ecstatic trip.
The way we breathe creates and controls our state of consciousness, and our state of consciousness influences the way we breathe.

If we are afraid, we breathe faster, when we breathe fast, we feel fear. When we calm down, our breath is slow and deep, when we slow down and deepen our breathing, we feel calm.

In many languages the word for "soul" or "spirit" is the same as that for breath.
We are our breath!



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